Introducing my first video in a new series!

Are we today living in the last days? Most believers would say yes. There are expectations of a “catching away” of the saints, a time of tribulation, and then the return of the Lord to establish a physical kingdom on earth for a thousand years.

However, we we must realize that the believers in the first century undoubtedly saw themselves to be standing on the verge of a great and a catastrophic event. The expectation of their soon coming Lord provided inspiration to overcome all obstacles and all persecution they faced.

Being honest with the Scriptures, we would have to conclude that the SAME imminent expectation of the SAME coming of the Lord cannot be separated by two thousand years.

On this critical topic, I hope you will remain curious enough to prayerfully explore the Bible narrative with me with an open mind, and willing heart.

The Parousia, James Stuart Russell:

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