• There is only one God, whom Y’shua revealed as his Father.
  • The complete Bible, Genesis through Revelation, is reliable for truth.
  • The spirit of God, the Father, conveys instruction (i.e., torah) through the Bible, directing believers to know what’s right, and empowering them to live that way.
  • Y’shua is the son of God, the Anointed One (the Messiah) prophesied in the Hebrew scriptures (the Tenakh, or “Old Testament”).
  • Y’shua came to reveal the kingdom of God to his people, Israel. Though he was rejected by their leaders, his death and resurrection provided the means for him to reign eternally as king over this kingdom.
  • Y’shua’s reign was established in the first century, when he sat down at the right hand of the Father. This is not a physical kingdom, but a collective of believers joined together in being lights of righteousness in a contrary world.
  • Through his believers, Y’shua continues to expand his kingdom to all nations. This kingdom shall never end.

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